Apple Recently Release IOS 11.3, Check Out the New Features Here

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Apple Recently Release IOS 11.3, Check Out the New Features Here

iOS 11.3 was released yesterday by Apple as its latest and most advanced operating system, the iOS 11.3 has great features that old iPhone users will have to upgrade to enjoy. The new operating system will make old Apple iPhones and iPads run faster.

The irregular shutdown and battery draining bugs in older iPhones have been fixed in this latest release plus more new features like the Augmented Reality (ARKIT) 1.5, Health Records, Privacy Update, New animated EMOJI (ANIMOJI) icons, Business Chat and lots of bug fixes.


Apple iOS 11.3 new features

  1. ARKIT 1.5

With this new feature, users can now be able to place objects vertically on the flat floor using their iPhones and iPads the older versions allows only horizontally placement of objects, with this combination you can decorate your house on your phone with different shapes of objects to know how they will look in real life.

  1. Battery Saver

The problem of iPhones fast battery draining and sudden shutdown is fixed here; this feature makes the older iPhone battery to last longer.

  1. Business Chat

This allows iOS 11.3 users to chat directly with any Apple Business Chat enrolling companies.

  1. Health Record

With this feature, users can now access their hospital records online with their phone, but this is available to only approved hospitals by Apple, listed below and more will be included later as the company said.

Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles, California

Cerner Health Clinic – Kansas City, Missouri

Dignity Health – Arizona, California, and Nevada

Geisinger Health System – Danville, Pennsylvania

Johns Hopkins Medicine – Baltimore, Maryland

MedStar Health – Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

Ochsner Health System – Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

OhioHealth – Columbus, Ohio

Penn Medicine – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rush University Medical Center – Chicago, Illinois

UC San Diego Health – San Diego, California

UNC Health Care – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  1. Privacy Update

All the information collected from iPhones and iPads is now listed on the phone and the purposes of the collection are shown to the users as well.

  1. New Added ANIMOJIs

New four talking animated EMOJIs have been included in iOS 11.3, they are the skull, dragon, sullen and bear ANIMOJIs and this will make it a total of 11 animojis.

There are more features and bug fixes, however only the remarkable features are listed here.

How to Upgrade from Old iPhones and iPads

  • Go to Settings and choose General then select Software Update (if your phone is compatible it will upgrade, if it is not it will inform you).

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