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Arewa24 Local Nigeria Limited

Change Media International, Inc./AREWA24, LLC is inviting applications from the qualified applicants for the job of part-time Accounting consultant in the Arewa24 Local Nigeria Limited.

The main objective of the Accounting Consultant is setting up and managing accounting systems and transactions in the company.


  • The position holder will maintain Quickbooks for expenditures and periodic analyses from Quickbooks.
  • Conducting monthly and/or quarterly reconciliations and soft closes.
  • Preparation of basic quarterly financial reports such as simple Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and P&L for AREWA24, LLC-U.S. and in coordination with AREWA24 local Nigerian Limited finance/accounting team and outside CPA firm.

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  • He/She will be responsible for the creation of a basic accounting system.
    Process for incoming Naira-based advertising revenues when advertising is booked or transmitted on the channel accounted for and invoiced funds received.
  • Advising on local tax exposure, VAT and other local accounting policies.
    Responsible for giving advice to the President of AREWA24, LLC-U.S. on general Accounting/Finance best practices, on managing local accounts and tax planning.
  • Prepare and file annual tax reports as a solely-owned Nigerian subsidiary Ltd of AREWA24, LLC-U.S.
  • Giving the required assistance in preparing AREWA24-LLC-U.S. or an affiliated entity in preparing for a private equity raise.
  • She/He will work closely with AREWA24 local (Nigerian) and outside legal counsel (U.S.) and with AREWA24 tax/CPA firm to create a straightforward corporate Tax Plan. The goal is to balance expenses against revenues in the proper corporate entity such as AREWA24, LLC-U.S.
  • Will assist as required by AREWA24, LLC-U.S. in preparing for and responding to the annual independent audit.
Arewa24 Local Nigeria Limited

Important Notice

AREWA24 Local Nigeria Limited anticipates that this accounting/planning/advisory service will require 35 hours per month over the next 8 months or so with a good chance of increasing requirements after that.
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