CNN Indonesia, Trans 7 Now Transmitting On Telkom 4 – Knesset TV Free On Amos


Two Asia news satellite TV channels CNN Indonesia and Trans 7 is now transmitting on Telkom 4 with these tracking details:


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Transponder: Telkom 4
Position: 108.2° East
Band: C
Beam: Asia
Frequency: 3879
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 2250


  • CNN Indonesia

Transponder: Telkom 4
Position: 108.2° East
Band: C
Beam: Asia
Frequency: 3874
Polarization: H
Symbol Rate: 6000


  • Trans 7

Knesset TV Currently FTA on Amos 3

A popular Israeli Parliament satellite TV channel named Knesset TV is currently free to air (FTA) In Amos 3 and is receivable with this detail:

Transponder: Amos 3
Band: Ku
Frequency: 10997
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 15000

Astra Promo TV, Ebs Cinema, France 24 English, Horns at Action, And Host Of Other Interested Channels Are Now FTA

With the below frequency and symbol rate you can now view below channels as free to air (FTA):

Position: 57.5° East
Frequency: 11105
Polarization: V
Symbol Rate: 44997
Beam: Africa
Band: Ku

  • Channels
  • Astra Promo Tv
  • Ebs Hd Tv
  • Ebs Cinema Tv
  • Ebs Musika Tv
  • Holy Tv
  • Rt News Tv
  • Rt Doc Tv
  • Cnbc Africa Tv
  • France 24 Tv { En Franc }
  • France 24 Tv { In English }
  • France 24 Tv { In Arabic }
  • Horn Sat Islmic Tv
  • Horn Sat Shopping Tv
  • Horn Sat Music Tv
  • Horn Sat Series Tv
  • Horn Sat Action Tv
  • Horn Sat Hindi Tv
  • Horn Sat Drama Tv
  • Horn Sat Kids Tv
  • Horn Sat Tv Shows

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