How to Convert Image to MS Excel Spreadsheet For Free?


How to Convert Image to MS Excel Spreadsheet For Free?

Yes, the time comes when you are seeking a way to extract text from a JPG image and store it into an MS Excel spreadsheet, especially when you get a finance sheet as JPG.

This is the place where your image-to-Excel converter helps to make such conversions within no time. Fortunately, the source of is loaded with a free JPG to Excel converter that uses advanced OCR features to turn images into Excel file format.

Well, here we shortlisted a few best ways that are mainly used to save images as Excel files without any formatting distortion.



If you are seeking a way that helps you to change a JPG image file to MS Excel tabular format, then you have to start with the OnlineOCR tool. This online utility mainly comes into the picture to extract data from the scanned photos and turn it into an editable Excel worksheet for recognizing text on your images such as characters or symbols. The great thing is that it does not require any registration process before conversion. But, if you’re a registered user, then your file data are saved for up to one month for your convenience.

Additionally, it allows you to make batch conversions for 20 files simultaneously. Another feasibility is that it recognizes more than 40 languages using the best OCR function and works best on all browsers, operating systems, and devices.

How to Convert JPG File to Excel with onlineOCR?

  • Open the OnlineOCR tool and hit the Select File option for adding an image file to extract the text using OCR
  • When your JPG image files are completely uploaded, you just need to select the language and set Excel as an exported file format
  • Hit the Convert button to turn JPG into an Excel file
  • Download the converted Microsoft Excel file right now


This online web-based application is one of the best sources that is loaded with a wide array of online conversion tools for different formats. It is indicated as a single-go solution to transform audio, video, image, document, eBooks, and PDF files. Get its best JPG to Excel converter for saving more than one file at once into excel files without any disruption. No huge manual intervention takes place for any file conversion, just make a couple of clicks to attain the converted files.

No matter what type of device or operating system you’re using, this online and freeware utility works tremendously everywhere. Even your files are fully secured and never shared or sold to anyone.

How to Change Image to Excel for Free using theonlineconverter?

  • Open JPG to Excel converter by theonlineconverter and start further by adding image files to make OCR-based conversion
  • Once your image files are fully uploading progressing is completed, make click on the Convert button
  • Now, save all of your converted Excel files simultaneously on your system storage by clicking Download All button


PDFsmall is another well-known online conversion site through which you can convert JPG text data to tabular format in MS Excel files. There is no restriction or limitation, feel-hassle free while making conversion from an image file to Excel. The upside is that this online converter performs super-fast conversion while preserving the original formatting of a file. All the converted and uploaded files are automatically removed from the main server source right after conversion.

Besides that, there you can fetch innumerable online PDF conversion tools and certain other well-known tools for your ease. It works well on all browsers and devices without any processing disruption.

How to Export a JPG as an Excel File Using Pdfmall?

  • Add the JPG image files from the source of the computer, URL, GDrive, and Dropbox or you can simply make drag and drop for them
  • Now, choose XLS as the converted format
  • Then, you can proceed by choosing the text recognition including “Use Only Text from JPG” or “Use OCR”
  • Once selected, let this converter process the conversion and after a couple of seconds, your Xls files are ready to Download

EasyPDF converter:

Get a user-friendly experience with this best utility that allows you to make quick conversions from JPG files to Excel spreadsheets. This is also indicated as an ultimate option for converting PDF document files. In addition, this online conversion source supports nearly all document file conversion while keeping the quality high.

Also, you don’t have to register before converting files to and from any other format. Just add your files and make a couple of clicks to proceed with the swift conversion.

How to Convert a JPG image into Excel using EasyPDF?

Use any one of the given methods for adding a JPG image file into this JPG to Excel converter

Click on the Convert Image button and wait for a couple of seconds

Now, Download your MS Excel file and save it


Smallpdf is one of the best online conversion websites that is loaded with a few tools, but all work perfectly. Remember that this web-based converter source does not enable you directly convert images to excel. In simple terms, it first converts a JPG image file into a PDF document and then turns the PDF into MS Excel format. But, you don’t have to worry as it does not impact the quality and formatting of the file.

Even there you can fetch an online PDF editor, compressor, splitter, and many more tools to proceed with optimal conversion for free.

How To Convert JPG to Excel online using Smallpdf?

  • Add a JPG image file and export it as a PDF file format
  • Very next, you have to download the file and make click on the Start Over that is given in the bottom-right corner of the converter
  • Once you have done will all, you can make a single hit to save the Excel file

Although there are innumerable online and offline utilities available around the internet for converting images to Excel, choosing one seems a challenging task. So, for your convenience, we discussed the most reliable tools that use the best OCR scanning feature to convert JPG to Excel.

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