How to differentiate/track mytv & multi tv with same frequency 12521

Mytv & Multi tv

How to differentiate/track mytv & multi tv with same frequency 12521

Recently Multi tv Ghana did an upgrade and shifted from its old receptive frequency to 12521 and symbol rate 30000 which is exactly the same frequency and symbol rate used by Mytv Africa, this means Mytv & Multi tv are receivable with same frequency 12521 and symbol rate 30000 but slightly in different positions.

Many trackers have been complaining about this mix up because it’s quite confusing and discouraging especially when trying to track Mytv Africa channels and in the end, Multi tv channels are being received because it’s position is easier to trace and receive faster than that of the Mytv.

Or Multi tv channels are to be tracked and Mytv Channels keep on showing up, though this case is rare because of the reason enumerated above.

How annoying and stressful is it when you are to track My tv and Multitv channels and combine both of them together in one decoder and the Multi tv channels keep on taking over?

Don’t worry because after all the research I have done, I came to conclusion with effective results on how to easily track or differentiate between the two satellites channels of which I am going to teach you in this post.


How to Track and Differentiate Mytv and Multi tv channels in 12521 frequency

  • For Mytv Africa channels use frequency 12565 and symbol rate 30000 to track the satellite (this frequency and symbol rate is totally from a different satellite TV provider but in the same receivable position with Mytv Africa).
  • After the successful reception of signals with the above frequency and symbol rate, input the Mytv frequency 12521 and symbol rate 30000 and scan for Mytv Channels.
  • You can as well scan the tracked frequency 12565 to add more interesting and entertaining channels such as New world sports 1 and 2, New world cinema, kombat sports, Tfm Senegal, etc.
  • For Multitv use frequency, 12521 and symbol rate 30000 directly and track because Multitv position is very easy to trace and most likely first to hit with the frequency, unlike my tv.

Having issues Combining Mytv & Multi tv Channels in One Decoder as Multi tv Channels Always Take Over?

What to do is to differentiate the My tv and Multitv with Polarity, e.g. Mytv 12521 30000 polarization H, Multitv 12521 30000 polarization V.

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