How To Download And Print Improved NIN Slip (INS) By NIMC

print Improved NIN Slip

How To Download And Print Improved NIN Slip (INS) By NIMC

This page will guide you on how to download and print Improved NIN Slip (INS) by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The NIMC Improved NIN Slip (INS) is the upgraded version of the NIN Slip, the Improved NIN Slip (INS) is portable with the size of conventional ID cards which can fit into any pocket or wallet without the need to fold it, unlike the former NIN Slip which is easily destroyed and torn because of its bold size which makes it unfit into the wallet and pockets without folding or squeezing.

The Upgraded NIN Slip is even stronger when laminated, so if your NIN Slip has been lost, damaged, torn, or even still intact you can learn how to easily download and print the improved slip yourself without the hassle of going to cue up at the NIMC office.

Without many stories let’s delve into the main business of the day.


How To Download And Print Improved NIN Slip (INS)

You must have a National Identity Number (NIN). Have you forgotten yours?  don’t worry I got you, simply dial *346# on the phone number used in your National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) enrollment.

  • Proceed to Playstore or Appstore and install the NIMC MWS app on your phone.
  • Launch the NIMC MWS app and input your 11 digit NIN in the box provided.
  • Click the ‘Next button to log in.
  • While in your dashboard use the ‘I need a pin’ link.
  • Your UserID and OTP which are required to log in to the NIMC portal will be generated at the price of 50 Naira (screenshot the UserID and OTP page copy them out in order not to lose them and be charged again).
  • Proceed to NIMC portal or
  • Input your UserID and OTP the hit the ‘Login’ button.
  • Use the ‘Print Improved NIN Slip’ link to download your upgraded NIN Slip.
  • Print it out with your printer or go to a computer center and print out the slip and laminate.

Important Notice

While trying to log into the NIMC portal using your UserID and OTP and encountered an error message saying ‘UserID does not exist’ simply do as follows:

  • Log back to your NIMC MWS app and proceed to the ‘Settings’.
  • Hit the ‘Wipe Mobile ID Data’ button.
  • Input your NIN again.
  • Proceed to the ‘I need a Pin’ link and a new UserID and OTP will be generated which should be used to log into either of the aforementioned NIMC portals.

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