ESUT Registration Guide for Fresh and Continuing Students

Esut registration

ESUT registration lasts for a period of 2 weeks during which all eligible students must register and get a matriculation number (for fresh/new students) and examination number (for both fresh and continuing students).

Important Information

  • ESUT registration has a late period of 2 weeks immediately after initial registration, this is to enable qualified students who for one reason or the other could not register during the 2 weeks registration period.
  • Late registration during its first week attracts the penalty of ten thousand Naira (#10,000) only which must be paid at the designated bank before the student could be registered.
  • Late registration during its second and final week also attracts the penalty of fifteen thousand nairas (#15, 000) only.
  • All registrations stop after 4 weeks.
  • Eligible continuing students who could not register within these 4 weeks are advised to apply for voluntary withdrawal from the university (for continuing students only) in order to qualify for registration during the next academic year on the procurement of re-admission form of five thousand Naira (#5000) only.
  • Students who do not properly defer admission or go on voluntary withdrawal from the university (through an application and its approval) are deemed to have processed themselves out of the University.

ESUT Registration Steps/Procedures for Fresh Students

1. The student must confirm/check admission status at the ESUT portal ( or click here for steps on how to Check the Admission status.

2. Admitted candidates should download and print FORM ER 01 (Notification of Admission Letter) and FORM ER 02 (O’Level Departmental Entry Requirement Form). You can as well pick a copy of FORM ER 02 from your H.O.D or at any of the ICT centers.

3. Pay acceptance fee at any of the designated banks for your faculty.

4. Go to your department with the photocopies of your O’Level certificate(s) or statement(s) of the result, FORM ER 01 and FORM ER 02 for endorsement by the Head of Department (H.O.D). The Head of Department on sighting FORM ER 01 confirms the following:

-That the student’s name is on the admission list sent to the department.

-That the student’s O’Level meets the University and departmental requirements

Thereafter the H.O.D endorses and stamps your section of FORM ER 02.

5. Proceed to ESUT ICT designated to your faculty and submit FORM ER 02, photocopies of your credentials and scratch card for verification of your O’Level certificate(s).

6. Once confirmed that the O’Level result(s) is (are) authentic, the ICT Officer prints the verified notification of result(s), completes, endorses and stamps his/her section of FORM ER 02.

7. The ICTC officer generates a schedule of all students whose credentials have been verified as genuine. For Direct Entry students, the Admissions officer will verify the National Diploma or equivalent certificate(s) while their O’Level certificates will be verified at ICTC. Those with fake credentials will be expelled and prosecuted.

8. Students whose names appear on the ICTC Verification schedule are to proceed immediately to the designated banks and pay the correct amount of fees.

9. The student Logs on to the ESUT portal ( and completes the registration process and click on submit. An automatic SMS and email will be sent to the student’s phone and an email containing the following forms:

-FORM ER 03 (Acceptance of Admission Form) for fresh students.

-FORM ER 04 (Biodata Form) for both categories.

-FORM ER 05 (Affidavit of Undertaking) for fresh students.

-FORM ER 06 (Course Registration Form).

-FORM ER 07 (Class Admit Card) both categories.

-FORM ER 08a (Registration Clearance Form) both categories.

10. Admission clearance: The student proceeds to the faculty admissions office for clearance and collection of FORM ER 02 and O’Level verified result.

ESUT Registration At The Department

1. The student now submits the completed forms and the H.O.D confirms its correctness with the help of the Academic Adviser and endorses the student’s FORM ER 08a.

2. Once the Academic Adviser is satisfied that the forms have been correctly filled including FORM ER 05 (Sworn Affidavit) He/She signs course registration forms on behalf of the department.

3. Class lists of all the departments in each faculty should be distributed by the ICTC Directorate to the H.O.D, the Dean, the Registrar, and the DAP while the ICTC keeps a copy for purposes of result submission.

4. Distribution of completed and signed forms: by the Dean of the faculty



-Directorate of Academic Planning.

-The student’s copy.

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