Five Best Tools For Solving Mathematical Problems

Five Best Tools For Solving Mathematical Problems

Five Best Tools For Solving Mathematical Problems

Mathematics is a subject that is used frequently for solving various kinds of problems either related to study or daily life. Some problems of this subject are on the fingertip of the students while some problems need larger calculations for getting the result.

There are several topics of mathematics like calculus, geometry, algebra, and many other branches. Students face difficulties while solving calculus and algebra problems because these branches of mathematics contain larger calculations.

In calculus, you can face difficulties while solving complex problems of derivatives, antiderivatives, and limits. While in algebra, slope, equation of a line, and linear equations creates difficulties while solving the problems.

The students who are weak in the above topics of mathematics are unable to get good grades in the exams. Also, students can’t solve their assessments and homework related to calculus, algebra, and geometry.

Lack of concentration on these topics causes failure in exams. Your whole academic year can be a waste just due to one F grade in this subject. You have to learn this subject even if you can’t understand your teacher during lectures for getting good grades.

There are hundreds of online sources available for solving mathematical problems. You can use online sources for the preparation of the mathematical topics that you can find tough. The online sources provide full guidance related to the searched topic of mathematics.

In this post, a list of the five best mathematical tools will be discussed which are helpful for solving the math questions.

List of Five Best Tools For Solving Mathematical Problems


An antiderivative calculator is an online tool to calculate the problems of integral. The antiderivative is the major branch of calculus in which you have to integrate the function. In other words, antiderivative is the inverse process of derivative.

Five Best Tools For Solving Mathematical Problems

You can solve any integral calculus problem by using this calculator. You can solve each question of your homework by just my putting the questions into the input box and pressing the calculate button. The result that comes out will be with steps according to the formulas.

You can solve definite integral as well as indefinite integral problems by using this online calculator. The assessments can also be done by using this tool. you can also prepare yourself for the presentation or exams by using the content of this tool.

The antiderivative calculator also has solved examples from which you can grab all the basics for solving the problems of integral and how to apply the formulas. Some other calculus tools are available on this calculator for solving the problems of different calculus topics.

Here are some calculus tools that are offered by the antiderivative calculator.

  • Derivative calculator
  • Second derivative calculator
  • Double integral calculator
  • Triple integral calculator
  • Improper integral calculator
  • Laplace transform calculator
  • Taylor series calculator
  • Maclaurin series calculator
  • Simpson rule calculator

The content of the antiderivative calculator covers almost everything about the integral like the definition, types, and, rule with examples. This calculator is free of cost and you can solve unlimited questions without any premium payment.


A limit calculator is an online tool to solve the problems of calculus related to limit. You can use this tool for the calculation of calculus limit problems. Limit is calculus topics and students face difficulties while solving the problems of this topic.

Limit Calculator

This tool offers two to three methods to solve limits problems.

  • Left-hand limit
  • Right-hand limit
  • Two-sided limit

You can solve any complex problem by using this tool. Three kinds of solved problems are available on this tool easy, medium, and hard. You can grab the basics of limits by learning the content of the tool.


A slope calculator is a tool that is used to find the slope of the given line by using points. Students face difficulties while calculating the slope of the line. You can use this tool for the calculation of the slope problems without any difficulty.

slope calculator

You can solve the problems of slope in two ways.

  • By two points
  • Byline equation

Along with the slope, you can also get the following results of the given input by using the slope calculator.

  • Percentage grade
  • Angle
  • y-intercept
  • x-intercept

You can also read the tips to calculate the limits from the article that is available in the blog section of this tool. Like the above two tools, the slope calculator is also free of cost.


The LCM calculator is an online tool used to calculate the least common multiples of two or more numbers. Students face difficulties while solving the least common multiples of three or more numbers. You can use this tool for the calculation of the least common multiples of the given numbers.

LCM Calculator

The LCM calculator offers three ways to solve the problems of least common multiples.

  • The list of multiples method
  • Prime factorization method
  • Division method

You can use any method to solve the required result of the given problems. The result remains the same even the problem is solved by any method. You can easily solve the LCM of three or more digits by using this tool.

The content of this tool provides full guidance about the least common multiples. You can prepare your test of LCM by using this tool. This tool does not charge many for its services because it is free of cost.


The GCF calculator is used to calculate the greatest common division of the given numbers. You can solve any problem related to GCF either simpler or complex. This tool will calculate the results even for more than three numbers.

GCF Calculator

The tool content of this calculator gives all the information about the greatest common factors with examples. You can solve your problems by sum four methods of the greatest common factor. The given input data values must be comma-separated.

The four methods that are offered by this tool are:

  • Prime factorization method
  • List of factors method
  • Upside down method
  • Division method

By using the above methods, you see that the result remains unchanged for the same input by using anyway. Like the above four tools, the GCF calculator is also free to use.


The above list of the five best mathematical tools covers almost all the complex topics of mathematics. You can use these tools for the solution of your mathematical problems with steps.

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