How To Pay Gotv Subscription Yourself Anytime Anywhere

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How To Pay Gotv Subscription Yourself Anytime Anywhere

Some people find it difficult to renew their Gotv Subscription whenever it expires thereby having stressful time going to the Gotv office to carry out the renewal which can be done easily by oneself at any time of the day anywhere.

Imagine viewing your favorite program in the night and your subscription expires along the line; will you have to until the next day to visit the Gotv office? or will you simply do it yourself by paying the same amount as would be paid at Gotv office without paying extra fees on transport?

If later is your choice continue reading as this post will state the simple steps to pay Gotv subscription yourself any time of the day at the comfort of your cushion and get your Gotv viewing reactivated immediately.

The advantageous part of being able to do it yourself is that you can be able to carry out other functions such as clearing Gotv error messages, switching between Gotv packages, and as well see your active subscription plan.

Without much ado, let’s delve into the business of the day.


How To Renew Gotv Subscription

It is important to notify you that the decoder IUC number, phone number used to activate the decoder (usually on the decoder receipt), and an ATM card with enough money for the desired package is required.


  • Visit
  • Input your Gotv registered phone number in the first box.
  • Input your decoder IUC number in the second box (you can check below to see how to retrieve your IUC number).
  • Click the login button.
  • In your dashboard click on the ”Pay Now” button.
  • Input the desired amount (must be up to the desired package price).
  • In the next window choose “Make Once-off Payment”  for onetime off payment or “Setup Recurring Payments” for automated and frequent renewal.
  • Input your ATM details and complete the payment.
  • Return to your dashboard and choose the desired Gotv package.
  • Switch off your decoder and switch it ON back if the channels refused to come up immediately.

How To See Your Gotv IUC Number

There is various way to retrieve your Gotv IUC number which is listed as follows:

On The Receipt

Your IUC number is written on your Gotv receipt.

Decoder Menu

Press the “Menu” button on the decoder remote.

Select ‘Advanced Option’.

Select ‘Information’ and your IUC number will be displayed.

Under Decoder

Your Gotv decoder IUC number is written under your decoder.

On The Gotv Website

Your IUC number can be retrieved on the Gotv website by clicking on the “Sign in” button.

Click the ‘Forgot IUC Number?’  and provide your phone number (without 0, e.g. 8012345678) registered to your Gotv decoder and your IUC number will be retrieved.

Important Notice

While logged into your Gotv dashboard you can carry out other functionalities such as clearing Gotv error messages, switching between Gotv packages, and also see your active subscription plan.

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