How To Write Npower Assessment Test On NASIMS Portal

How To Write Npower Assessment Test On NASIMS Portal

This post will give you information on how to write the Npower Assessment Test on the NASIMS portal as well as all you need to know about the Npower Assessment Test.

Npower assessment test is organized to determine the candidates that are eligible to be enlisted into the program, the test total score is pegged to 100%.

Candidates are expected to perform well in the computer-based test (CBT), however, the exact required cut-off mark is not stated.

Below are the things you need to know before proceeding to write the test.

  • The test is time-based as well as computer-based.
  • You must answer 20 questions within 20 minutes.
  • The assessment test comprises simple English language questions and a few elementary Mathematics.
  • The test cannot be retaken after submission.
  • You cannot skip any question.
    Every question is allotted an equal score.
  • If your time elapsed after the third trial without submitting, you will be automatically disqualified from writing the test again.

How To Write Npower Assessment Test

  • Ensure you have a strong internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or computer system preferably.
  • Ensure you have validated and updated your details after which you are given a NASIMS ID.
  • Use the ‘take test’ button in your dashboard to proceed to the Npower Test portal.
  • Input your NASIMS ID and your password (used to log into your dashboard).
  • Once the ‘start test’ button is clicked your time starts counting immediately.
  • You can cancel your test at any time and start afresh, however, you only have three times to attempt.
  • After submitting the test your score will be shown immediately.

Note: The ‘Take Test’ button will remain in your dashboard, disregard it once your score is shown to you, you are done.

If you encounter any problem or error while trying to take the Npower Test test click here to see how to fix it immediately.

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