Instagram Hashtags – 5 Top Tips to Reach Your Audience

instagram hashtags

Instagram Hashtags – 5 Top Tips to Reach Your Audience   

Instagram Hashtags are one of the popular trends to reach your customers on Instagram. According to Hootsuite, A hashtag is usually a combination of letters/words, numbers, and/or emoji which are kept after the # symbol Hashtags are used to categorize content and make it more discoverable. Hashtags can be either to start a campaign or trend or to keep your posts or stories to a particular trend. 

Hashtags are extensively used on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Even users that tend to buy Youtube subscribers are fond of using hashtags.  Nowadays blogs use hashtags for their better ranking. Instagram, a social media which has completed a decade on the internet in 2020, has over  1 billion users and these users’ post consists of 10.7 hashtags on average.


Sources tell us the following facts about the Instagram Hashtags”

  • No correlation between the number of hashtags on a post and engagement
  • #love, #photography, and #instagood were the top 3 hashtags used on Instagram
  • 70% of Instagram hashtags are used for a brand campaign.
  • The use of more than six hashtags can hamper engagement.
  • Hashtags hold the potential to be the best as it does not take any cost and get your posts to be discovered by new audiences for that current time to a longer time, grow your Instagram following, and even make sales on Instagram.

Power of Hashtags

#ShareACoke Campaign by Coca-Cola focused on encouraging sharing and gifting of Coca-Cola bottles. It also offered personalized labels with buyers’ names and the person they shared the Coke with or the location where the coke was shared.

Dove’s #InMyOwnSkin Instagram Campaign earned a huge success. The campaign aimed to feature stories from real women and men and the confidence they feel in their skin.

Using #1MA and getting votes from users’,  many Nepali Tiktok content creators got verified some months back. Ronish Yadav, Mahiyaa, Aakriti And many more got verified on Tik Tok recently.

Many petitions about justice for animals, celebrities, and many others are used on social media.( #animal rights,#JusticeforSSR, #remove amber heart)

How to use Instagram Hashtags?

There are important steps to use hashtags properly for better ranking and visibility.

  • Know your brand and write the topics you cover
  • Write down the hashtags for each topic
  • Having a mix and match of  available hashtags
  • Start your brand hashtags
  • Stay alert for the banned hashtags
  • Know your brand and write the topics you cover

When you have a vivid knowledge about what your brand is, what it aims for, type of content your target audience then you can list down the topics which you will be focusing on in your stories or posts You must not forget to give thoughts on niche or topic type and location while drafting hashtags. 

Example: 1) If you as an individual want to be an influencer then you can list down words related to influencing like lifestyle, fashion, influencer, fans, sponsored and many more.

2) If your brand or business is about digital marketing your topics can be social media marketing, influencer marketing, web solutions, and many more

Write down the hashtags for each topic

Having a specific Instagram hashtag is a must. After you find the topics for you, yourself as a brand, or for your company, you must list out the hashtags to use. For that, an attentive search on Instagram should be done. While you type your hashtags you can find several hashtags used. You can find the difficulty level to rank on that hashtag by using the Hashtagify tool. 

Having a mix and match of  available hashtags

You should not use hashtags immediately after finding out the relevant hashtags. Moreover, you should make a holy mix of the easy, medium, and difficult hashtags for each topic such that you don’t have to be worried about getting rankings. On Instagram, Popular Hashtags are typically extremely competitive and top posts, medium Hashtags are less competitive and provide good exposure for longer periods whereas Niche, Location, or Topic Type Hashtags are specific to your niche within your industry or location and are targeted for high engagement This mix helps you gain quick exposure on user’s page upon searching.

Start your brand new hashtags

You can start using your hashtags on all the social media channels you are in. Using it every time and everywhere strikes the curiosity of an individual and can come up to your page for your content.

Using your hashtags, especially about your brand, actually aids to increase your brand awareness on Instagram. Not only that you can use your hashtags in your traditional marketing, like commercials or banners. You must add your brand-new  hashtags on Instagram Posts and Stories

Stay alert for the banned hashtags

While using popular hashtags or even your hashtags, don’t Forget To Check the authenticity of Hashtags Some hashtags are either hidden or banned on Instagram. If you are found using or promoting such hashtags(knowingly or unknowingly)would make  Instagram perceive you as a  rule-breaker i.e. for breaking community guidelines and will inhibit your reach. Thus, knowing the hashtags’ status and value is a must for a better ranking.

Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Hashtag

  • Don’t use more than 9 hashtags
  • Don’t Use the same hashtags repeatedly as it is against Instagram’s guidelines to post repetitive content and hashtags.
  • Create a unique and appealing Branded Hashtag.
  • Do Use the hashtags which are  popular in your  industry
  • Don’t miss to use Hashtags that People Are Likely to Follow
  • Don’t Use Irrelevant Tags although they are Trending
  • Do keep Hashtags in Instagram Stories and Profile Bio
  • Use Topic Channel Hashtags in your posts 

Final Thoughts

To grow on Instagram, Instagram hashtags are crucial. Instagram Hashtags aid in increasing the audience, boosting engagement, and reaching potential customers. By using relevant and keyword-focused Instagram hashtags, you can bring your audience closer to your posts and brand.

Using established hashtags, your brand can enter competitive marketing, or using your branded hashtags you can set your example and hashtag portfolio. Instagram will ultimately boost your brand’s presence, and increase your chances for success on the social network.

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