JAMB Mop Up Exam Scheduled for More Than 12,000 Students

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JAMB Mop-Up Exam Scheduled for More Than 12,000 Students

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had scheduled a date for the mop-up examination for more than twelve thousand (12,000) students nationwide; who have not seen their results of the March JAMB UTME examination.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced that the Mop-up exam will be on 26th May, while the printing of exam slips begins today, ‘Monday’ and all the necessary information had been dispersed among the eligible candidates through SMS and electronic mail.

Eligible candidates are advised to proceed to the printing of their JAMB UTME examination slips and prepare their selves thoroughly for the upcoming mop-up exam as scheduled on the 26th of May. The eligible candidates are categorized as listed below.


Categories of Candidate Eligible for The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Mop-up Exam.

Candidates whose biometrics were not captured during the initial period of the JAMB UTME examination in March.

Candidates who have not seen their results since the end of the JAMB UTME examinations which took place in March to date and was not booked for exam malpractice.

Applicants who were unable to print out their e-slip during the initial JAMB UTME EXAMINATIONS.

Candidates whose centres were cancelled for malpractice suspicion.

However, Candidates who have been involved their selves and caught in illicit acts of examination malpractice and centres where a case of malpractice has been confirmed against them would not partake in the rescheduled mop-up examinations.

How to Print The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Mop-up Exam Slips

  • Visit www.jamb.org.ng
  • Click on the ‘UTME 2019 Examination Slip’.
  • Or visit www.jamb.org.ng/ExamSlipPrinting2/PrintExaminationSlip
  • Input your JAMB reg number or email or phone number.
  • Click on the ‘Print Examination Slip’.

Remember to come with your examination slip on the exam day which is Saturday 26th May.

26 Comments on “JAMB Mop Up Exam Scheduled for More Than 12,000 Students”

  1. Hi I am Abubakar Ibrahim lamido a candidate of 2019 I was registered jamb in the year 2019 and actually I didn’t wrote it due to my Turnprint issue does not carried out my fingers and they have rescheduled for candidate to rewrite the exams and I searched my name was not please I am in need of help of writing this mop up EXAMINATION if possible I am from a poor family help me

  2. JAMB MOP UP result has not being out for the past three weeks or even more
    I would love to know if the result would ever be out..
    So students like me can stop hoping to use JAMB to enter university and register for other programmes
    Please just give us a definite answer instead of wasting valuable time

  3. This is so painful, even after a month and more than, jamb has not released the 2020 mopup utme results what a country, pls let everyone that see this help at least raise a voice, our school form is still out, the main jamb results was released even after just twenty four hours and so what could have happened to a results of just 12,000 students that is not yet , what is really happening, this is getting frustrating and irritating, my twin brother and my mates are all getting admission, will I just sit at home for another one year, pls raise voice together with us, they need to release this result on time, even before on the 25th we need help
    Pls to everyone that we see this comment and to all our bloggers and posters pls you can use this to help someone

    We need this admission pls

    I just pray anyone around you won’t see this kind of problem as you help

    This wahala is too much
    It has been hard
    Pls help us

  4. Pls let this results be released before on the 25th of January 2021,pls raise voice together with us, we need help to everyone who can help through one means or the other

    I think it is time for jamb to restrategize how their exam is conducted pls if it just about posting it on your social media platform that you can do for us
    If it is about complaint
    Anything you can place your hands upon to help us through it for them to hear our cries pls help sir /ma
    We will be appreciative
    And I pray for anyone that we participate in raising voices will be blessed abundantly

  5. Please Jamb should really help us. I having lost the opportunity of writing UNN post UTME because my Mop up Jamb is not yet out. An exam that was written over a month ago. Meanwhile the main exam was released the next day. Please someone should help us talk to Jamb. This is quite unfair. For those of us in Arts, the syllabus for literature will change and we r expected to read it again if this one fas. Plz help…

    1. Yes same here, pls we need people to raise help in any means to at least help us shout out to jamb we can’t do this alone, pls help us, we still have little chance if this results is released on time, pls us, this year admission must not go like this, pls we need help our mates are getting admitted, pls help, we need people to talk for us, our voice is not enough, I would be glad if this will be the next topic on twitter for jamb to feel our pain, we are pained here, as a male,I sobbed everyday single day knowing that time iz going without results being released, I think everyday about how people around me especially my twin brother iz getting admitted, pls we need help, pls help us raise a voice, we have few days to go pls everyone help us, help us to repost to the extent that jamb will see our pain, pls to every eyes that see this find a means to help

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