Commissioning Preservation Engineer M/F Job At SPIE

SPIE Commissioning Preservation Engineer MF

SPIE Oil And Gas Services

Commissioning Preservation Engineer M/F Job At SPIE

SPIE Oil and Gas Services is inviting applications for the vacant position of Commissioning Preservation Engineer M/F, interested candidates should check for eligibility by going through the below-listed requirements as well as the position’s functionalities in the company before proceeding to the application process.

SPIE Oil and Gas Services is an international multi-technical services subsidiary of the SPIE group, the company renders a complete range of resources and skills to the oil and gas industry required for exploring and investigating new fields, building, and operating facilities as well as optimizing production in the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times and quality.


Job description

  • Lead a team of Contactors personnel in executing Preservation activities.
  • Establish a Quality Preservation and cleanliness regime that will provide assurance that plant and equipment will remain in good condition and operable at all stages throughout the project.
  • Ensure the Quality Preservation and cleanliness regime is consistently implemented from Supplier Works through Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning, and final handover to Operations.
  • Implement and Maintain a Preservation Records System to demonstrate compliance to the preservation regime and assure the integrity of plant and equipment.
  • Provide Technical input and approval for Contractor Preservation and pipe cleanliness Procedures during the Construction phase, and manage the process during the Commissioning phase.
  • Engage with Management, Engineering, Operations, and Commissioning to establish expectations and requirements.
  • Provide coaching/mentor national and junior team members as necessary.
  • Engage with the engineering team to ensure preservation requirements are clearly identified.
  • Take ownership of and develop the preservation philosophy and strategy.
  • Develop a suite of preservation checklists, routines, and procedures consistent with the preservation philosophy and Strategy.
  • Review available databases/systems for monitoring and control of preservation regime, recommend and implement an optimal system.
  • Identify and procure any additional resources/skills required to implement strategy / administer the database etc.
  • Review and ensure that preservation requirements are included on Requisitions / Supplier RFQ’s etc:
    Review Supplier documentation and ensure that engineering has confirmed that preservation requirements are adequate.
  • Ensure that all Supplier recommendations and requirements are incorporated into preservation procedures and project programs.
  • Liaise with Engineering to determine preservation requirements for non-skid mounted plant & equipment.
  • Liaise With Engineering / Vendors / Contractors to determine possible access and optimal preservation regime for all plant and equipment.
  • Ensure Preservation activities are adequately estimated and allowed for within the project integrated plans / Contractors schedules etc.
  • Liaise with Commissioning to ensure that critical preservation is not compromised by commissioning testing/procedures.
  • Liaise with System Handover Management Process (SHMP) co-ordinator to establish comprehensive Tag.
    Database and ensure consistency between databases.
  • Manage and audit main construction contractor to ensure de-preservation / re-preservation is properly implemented and recorded:
    -On receipt at fabrication yard/construction site.
    -On installation.
    -During Commissioning.


  • Minimum: Recognised HNC/HND with appropriate experience.
  • Demonstrable HSSE Leadership and personal commitment to Safety.
  • Awareness of similar safety management systems.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the Preservation and cleanliness process.
  • Track record of experience gained in similar oil and gas/petrochemical/power generation related international projects, in a similar role leading to the development of the following skill sets:
    -Involvement with Engineering contractors and Suppliers in the design phase.
    -Development of Preservation and Cleanliness procedures, check sheets, frequency and tracking       Commissioning Completion process.
    -System Handover Process from Construction, Commissioning, and to Operations.
    -Control of Work processes during execution.

Requirements For Commissioning Preservation Engineer M/F

  • 6 years experience or more
  • SAS & HUET
  • OSP
  • English (C-Professional working proficiency)

How To Apply For Commissioning Preservation Engineer M/F In SPIE Oil and Gas Services

  • Click on the ‘Apply For Job’ button below.
  • Click the displayed link to proceed to the SPIE Oil and Gas Services application portal
  • Provide your personal details.
  • Upload your CV.
  • Send your application and await a notification for an interview if shortlisted.

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