JPTS Courses & Programs Offered At Joint Professionals Training Support

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JPTS Courses & Programs Offered At Joint Professionals Training Support

JPTS Courses and Programs are listed on this page for aspiring students. JPTS which simply stands for Joint Professionals Training and Support is a training organization dedicated to individuals that want to develop and obtain world-class professional training as well as certifications.


Joint Professionals Training and Support International Incorporated (JPTS Int’l Inc.) have helped over 35,000 certified members to nurture their full potential through its professionally and carefully modelled human capacity development system which improves their knowledge, skills and abilities.

Below is the list of Short courses as well as Professional Courses  offered at JPTS:

JPTS Courses And Programs Offered

Oil and Gas

Refinery Operations and Management 24 PDH
Drilling and Offshore Operations Certification 24 PDH
Petroleum Product Marketing 12 PDH
Oil and Gas Specialist Course 24 PDH
Pipeline & Petroleum Logistics 24 PDH
Shipping and Petroleum Management 24 PDH
Deport and Terminal Managers Course 24 PDH

Engineering and Technical

Maintenance & Corrosion Technology Course 24 PDH
Facility Management and Maintenace Certificate 24 PDH
Electrical Installation and Industrial Wiring 3 Months
Pipeline & Vessel Welding 3 Months
Auto Mechatronics Engineering 3 Months
HVAC 3 Months
Crane Operations & Maintenance 30 PDH
Forklift Operations 40 PDH
Industrial Plumbing & Pipefittings 3 Months
Industrial Scafolding 3 Months
Building Technology 3 Months
Instrumentation and Control Certification 3 Months

Safety and Environment

Onshore Offshore HSE (Level II) Certification 16 PDH
HSE (Level II) Supervision Certification 20 PDH
Corporate Safety Certification 16 PDH
EIA/EMS (ISO 14001) 16 PDH
Advanced Safety Managers Certification 20 PDH
Environment Toxicology 20 PDH
Fire Safety Course 10 PDH
Emergency Management & Confined Space Entry 10 PDH
Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training 30 PDH
STWC 98 (Maritime Mandatory) 30 PDH
Certified Security Officers Course 20 PDH
Port Facility Security Officers Course (PFSO) 30 PDH
Aviation Safety Course 20 PDH
Food Safety Course 20 PDH
HACCP, HAZOP & Process Safety Course 20 PDH
RIG Safety & RIG Pass 16 PDH
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training 30 PDH
First Aid & CPR Certification 16 PDH
Basic Paramedics & AED 20 PDH
Swim Test I.D 10 PDH
Certified Risk Assessor Certification 16 PDH

ICT and Software

Oil and Gas Softskills (HYSIS & PDMS) 60 PDH
Reservoir Simulation (ECLIPSE, PETRA) 60 PDH
Cloud Technology 3 Months
Certified Information Security Professionals Certification 3 Months
Information Technology Management Certification 3 Months
Network Engineer Certification 3 Months
Software Development Programme 3 Months
System Analyst Certification 3 Months


Project Management 16 PDH
Conflict Management and Peace Resolution 16 PDH
Certified System Auditors Certification 24 PDH
Quality Assurance and Control 16 PDH
Management Information System 16 PDH
Human Resources Managers Certification 16 PDH
Forensic Accounting Certification 16 PDH
International Negotiation Certification 16 PDH
Change Management 16 PDH
Customer Care Professionals Certification 16 PDH
Transport and Logistics Chain Management 24 PDH
Certified Public Relations Certification 16 PDH
IFRS Certification 30 PDH
Contract & Procurement Management 24 PDH

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  1. Please which among the jpts centers is the best with a very good educational qualities and learning facilities?

    1. You might be searching the best and accredited centre in atleas all part of Nigerian & some African & Europeans country’s

      1. Frome katsina State, am currently the student of this University called jpts,,hear in katsina Funtua LGA,,,studeing Business Administration,,but i did saw my course bese on listened u mentioned,,,,and also please what about NYC,, after we graduate is it reealy??

  2. Hello,
    Please how many years is your jpts nursing program ?
    How much is the overall costs
    Do you have International Relations courses ?
    If yes , what is the duration and overall costs.

    Thanks very much for your cooperation

    Kind Regards

  3. Good day Sir/ ma
    Am Daniel Simon Ckla from Nasarawa State but working in Niger State. I did EIA. With your organization in Wuse 4, Abuja since 2013 but later travel to Port Harcourt. On coming back after two year to collect my certificate I was told that the certificate have been returned back to Lagos. Pls how can I get my certificate back to the same location where I did the course to collect it.

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