How to Locate and Send on-screen message to lost phone with Gmail


Gmail is the usual Google mail that most of us use almost every day for sending electronics mails, saving documents and files in the cloud, creating sheets and many other office activities but some of us don’t know the real power of Gmail.

There are many Gmail features which are yet to unleash by many people, in this post we are going to emphasize on track, sending on-screen messages, locating and ringing our phones.

Did you misplaced or lost your phone? Don’t worry; with Gmail service, you can track and locate your phone wherever it is and the good news is; the service is completely free, all you need is an internet-enabled device, an internet network, and data subscription.


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Procedures for Tracking; Sending an on-screen message and Locating Your Lost Phone with Gmail

  • Login to your exact Gmail account which you logged in to the phone you want to track.
  • Click this link
  • Many options will be shown to you, select ‘Sign-in & Security’.
  • Click ‘Get Started’ under ‘Find your phone’.
  • Choose the device you want o find.
  • Input your Gmail password again.
  • Click ‘Next Step’.
  • Now many options will be shown to you.

Option 1: Check recent security events for suspicious activity: in this option, you can see all the websites, phone settings and other activities done on your lost phone.

Option 2: Lock your phone: With this option, you can lock your phone remotely with an On-Screen message composed by you, with a number you want to be reached with.

Option 3: Try calling your phone or Ring your phone: If you choose any of these options your phone will start ringing loudly even if it is in the silent or low volume mode.

Option 4: Sign out on your device: You can sign out on your account on the lost phone with this option.

Option 5: Reach out to your carrier: This option will get you connected to your carrier for help, but it’s quite unfortunate that this option doesn’t work in every country; rather it refers you to option 6 if your country is not supported.

Option 6: Consider erasing your device: if this option is selected, all your phone data will be wiped or formatted remotely.

Option 7: Locate your device: this option shows you the exact location your phone is, with the help of GPS on your phone. You can also see your phone battery to find out if it still has enough power, you can as well check if your phone is online or offline to carry out the above options.

NOTE: The bad news is that the lost phone internet connection must be ON, in order for the options 1,2,3,4 and 7 to be effective, you can check that with option 7.

For option 7 to be effective as well, the lost device internet connection and the GPS must be active. This is the reason your device internet connection and GPS should always be ON whenever you are on the Go.

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