How to Use Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger account

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How to Use Multiple WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger account

Do you know you can use multiple WhatsApp, Facebook App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter App, IMO App, 2go, Baddo App, Telegram and almost every other social network apps at the same in your android phone? 

Yes, it is possible and simple, not only social network apps but every other app in your android phone can be run with different accounts in your android phone, except for the custom apps.

If you follow below easy guides you can chat on WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram, 2go, etc, with different numbers, login different Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, etc, or run different games, all at the same time in any Android device.


How to Use Multiple Apps and Accounts At The Same Time on Mobile Phones

  • On your android Playstore, search and download an app named, ‘Parallel Space’.
  • Run the parallel space app.
  • Click on the ‘Add App’ icon in the parallel space app.
  • Select all the apps on your android device which you want to duplicate.
  • After selecting, click on the ‘Add to Parallel Space’ button on the screen bottom.
  • Your selected apps will be duplicated and added to the parallel space environment.
  • You can now run and add different accounts and numbers to the apps in the parallel space while the initial apps and accounts remain on your Android device menu.

That’s all, you can now enjoy

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