Mytv Africa Users Add This TP To Receive Sports Channels

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Mytv Africa Users Add This Frequency and Symbol Rate to Receive Sports Channels

Are you receiving Mytv Africa channels on your decoder? Simply add frequency 12565 and symbol rate 30000 to receive sports channels and over 30 extra interesting and entertainment channels which will be listed in this post.

You don’t need to move or change the position of your satellite dish to receive this interesting FTA sports channels, or neither do you need to be a professional tracker because I will teach you how to add the frequency and symbol rate yourself.


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List of the Sports Channels and Other Entertainment Channels in the Frequency

SFR sport 4
New world sports 1
New world sports 2
Kombat sports
Tfm Senegal
Ole Tfm
Tvt Togo
New world info fr
New world cinema
Info Tv Cameroon
Dieu Tv
Cash chrono Tv
New world magazine
Unatrice Tv
LA Beninoise Tv
LA chretienne Tv
QTv Gambia
BFM Paris
BFM business
New world info En
New world transit
New world muzik
Jesus Christ Tv
Emci Tv

How to add the sports channels frequency in mytv

I am going to use a strong universal decoder for this process and I believe most decoders’ controls and operations are similar to the strong universal decoders.

  • On the strong decoder remote, press ‘Menu’.
  • Scroll to “Installations” using the navigation buttons on the remote controller.
  • Press ‘OK’ on the remote.
  • Input 0000 as the password.
  • Scroll to the “Manual Scan”.
  • Scroll to the “Frequency” bar and tap any number digit on the remote controller.
  • Select “Add”.
  • Input frequency 12565.
  • Input symbol rate 30000.
  • Switch the polarization from H to V or vice versa if the signal gauge is still red.
  • When the signal gauge translate to green, scan the frequency by pressing ‘OK’ button on the remote controller (some strong decoder scans when a red button in the remote controller is pressed, all you have to do is to observe the screen to see the guides on which button scans for the specific strong decoder being used).
  • After scanning, exit to the channels window and enjoy the new sports channels added to your mytv channels.

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  1. Hello I couldn’t get mytv signal with freq 12.565 V 30.000 pls I need help I want to add sport channel on mytv but he not working please help me

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