Mytv Channel Frequency On Strong Decoder Not Showing – How To Fix

mytv channel frequency

Mytv Channel Frequency On Strong Decoder Not Showing – How To Fix

Did your Mytv Channel frequency recently went offline and refused to display Mytv channels on your strong decoder? Do not worry because the problem is not a personal one as all Mytv Africa subscribers experience the same problem so below is the procedure to get your mytv showing again.


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The Mytv channel frequency and service not coming up are caused by the emergency upgrade currently carrying out by the company in order to serve its customers better and in high definition (HD).

This was made known by the company in a message published for its customers on the Mytv Facebook fan page dated 27th January 2020, where the company reassured its subscribers not to panic as all their subscriptions are still intact.

The company further mentioned that all customers with active subscriptions would be compensated accordingly.

How To Fix The Mytv Channel Frequency On Strong Decoder Not Showing

In the message which pleaded that the customers’ patience as Mytv service would come back online this week better with the channels in high definition (HD).

Though the subscribers are warned to expect the mytv channels to be receivable in new satellite, frequency, symbol rate and position thereby warranting all mytv users to reposition and readjust their satellite dishes to the new satellite with the new Mytv Frequency and Symbol rate.

The new Mytv frequency, symbol rate, satellite, and position are as follows:

Mytv Latest Frequency, Symbol Rate, And Satellite Position

Frequency: 11:050

Symbol Rate: 30:000

Satellite: BIS 1

Position: 51.5° E

NOTE: You must reposition your satellite dish to get mytv channels back.

9 Comments on “Mytv Channel Frequency On Strong Decoder Not Showing – How To Fix”

  1. Kindly be informed that some of Christian channels( e.g. Dove, Dunamis, Celebration) and AIT are no longer showing on Mytv decoder.
    Hope your office can provide last solution to fix this permanently.
    If it is user that side, do not hesitate to inform users on what to do.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Yours faithfully

    Jimoh Oluwamayowa F.

  2. Please mytv series and mytv more is not showing how can I fix this…it stopped showing on 1st may 2021

      1. Likewise mine,the mytv series is not showing for close to 2 months now.others like mytv Africa,mytv Yoruba are all working only this mytv series.
        Pls help.

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