New Mytv Strong SRT 4915 Decoder Specifications & Smart Card Pairing

STRONG SRT 4915 Decoder

New MYTV STRONG SRT 4915 Decoder Specifications and SMART CARD Pairing

STRONG SRT 4915 decoder is now added to the list of the MYTV Africa approved hardware for improved digitaL and terrestrial (land-based) television reception and recording; this means with STRONG SRT 4915 you will receive satellite television channels and land-based (terrestrial) television stations.

The SRT 4915 has the capability of clarifying the land-based (terrestrial) television stations and can receive them from a long-range, that’s to say you can now combine local television stations and satellite TV channels in one decoder which means more free to air channels including digital local TV stations.


STRONG SRT 4915 Decoder Features

  • Daily newspaper free delivery service.
  • Recording Functions via USB External Mass Storage Device with Time Shift.
  • 6,000 Programmable channels.
  • 3D Broadcasts Compatible, via HDMI.
  • USB 2.0 Hosts for MPEG & MP3 Playback, JPEG Viewing and Software Updates.
  • UHF 21-69 RF Modulator Output.
  • Embedded CONAX CAS7.
  • DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T, MPEG-4/2 H.264 Compliant.
  • HDMI Outputs.
  • Multi Picture Display and Zoom.
  • Advanced Blind Scan.
  • 1080p/i, 720p & 576p/i Video Resolution.
  • DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS Compatible.
  • OSD in 17 Languages.
  • Dolby Digital Coaxial Output.
  • Electronic Program Guide, Teletext.
  • Parental Lock.
  • 16 Favorite Channels Groups.
  • Auto Voltage (AC 100~240V) SMPS.
  • Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder or CAS.


Register your SMARTCARD here if you bought it newly MYTVSMARTCARDREGISTERATION

  1. Get your SRT 4915 Serial Number (SN) and Code Number (CN) at the back of the decoder or follow the below steps to get it from the decoder’s menu.
  • On your remote controller press the MENU button.
  • Input 0000 as the default Password.
  • You will see the Code Number at the bottom line of the screen.
  1. Click MYTVPAIR to pair the STRONG SRT 4915 and your MYTV SMARTCARD with the decoder SN, CN, and SMARTCARD number.

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  1. Hello am having tv channel and want to put it on setelite dish,how can you help me,its based in uganda kampala

  2. I am using strong decorder and the remote control has a problem on the ok button. I have tried to get one to no avail. How can I get one or a new decorder? I am Fai Ernest Tanfu ( in Yaounde, Cameroon.

  3. Hello! I’m currently using strong decoder since about ten years today. I have never repaired it but today I have a problem with it remote control with the ok button. It’s not found in market here in Yaounde, Cameroon even the strong decoder itself. What can I do or where can I get it here in Cameroon?

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