NIGCOMSAT Free to Air Channels Frequency and Symbol Rates


NIGCOMSAT Free to Air Channels Frequency and Symbol Rates

NIGCOMSAT free to air channels has a list of interesting satellite TV stations broadcasting on Nigcomsat-1R, KU-Band at 42.5 degrees East by the Nigeria Communication Satellite. The channels genre comprises free Sports, Movies, Religious, Cartoon, International and Local News, Social and Life Events, Music channels and many more.

NIGCOMSAT satellite TV channels are receptive in most of the African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Benin Republic, Zambia, Niger, Zimbabwe, and many others.

NIGCOMSAT satellite can be tracked alongside with other satellites such as MULTI TV and Champion TV, etc, with the NIGCOMSAT tracked firstly on the primary LNB at 42.5 degrees east, then MULTI TV is tracked under it at 28.5 degrees east while Champion TV is at the top at 55 degrees east. 68.5 degree east can as well be added to the tracking list making it 4 satellites in one dish but it will require 90 cm satellite dish


Equipment Required For NIGCOMSAT Free to Air Channels

  • Universal HD, (STRONG HD decoders)
  • 60 – 90 cm satellite dish.
  • Universal LNB. (tracking the four different satellites mentioned above will require 4 LNBs and multiple LNB HANGER).
  • Coaxial cable.

List of NIGCOMSAT Free to Air Channels

  1. O sport
  2. Abundance TV
  3. Gotel TV
  4. Ftv
  5. Jw broadcasting
  6. Kidszone
  7. MTV base Africa
  8. Fox news
  9. Childsmile
  10. Baby tv
  11. AMC movies
  12. CCTV news
  13. Ngwe
  14. CNC world
  15. Trace Africa
  16. Max TV
  17. O music
  18. O home
  19. Beulah TV
  20. O news
  21. Quest TV
  22. Ch214
  23. Beats plus
  24. O gospel
  25. Catholic TV
  26. Afrikiy TV
  27. Peace TV
  28. Emmanuel TV
  29. Manara TV
  30. Tvc Nigeria
  31. Harpazo TV
  32. Ch216
  33. ATV
  34. Bcstv
  35. Opm
  36. TV Taraba
  37. Play TV
  38. Manara TV
  39. Tvc Nigeria
  40. Harpazo TV

NIGCOMSAT Free to Air Channels Frequency and Symbol Rate

Frequency: 12518

Symbol Rate: 29500

Polarization: H

Direction: 42.5 degrees east

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