NJFP Application 2021 Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

NJFP Application

NJFP Application 2021 Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) application is currently open for suitably qualified candidates and organizations by the Federal Government of Nigeria, interested individuals as well as organizations are hereby invited to apply but are expected to possess all the below-stated criteria.

NJFP which stands for Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is a youth empowerment partnership initiative organized by the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as other players to mitigate the development impact of rising national unemployment and underemployment rates by the COVID-19.


NJFP Programme For Young Graduates

Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP) is targeted at 20,000 Nigerian young graduates with a high skill that will be recommended to various private and public sector organizations of different types, sizes and industries across the country for employment opportunities after a 12-month leadership competencies building and on-the-job skills transferring fully funded by the Federal Government.

Fellows are all entitled to a monthly stipend during the 12-month of the programme as will be covered by the NJFP.

Upon the completion of the programme some participants may be retained by their host organization while some may as well be employed by the NJFP network of partners and sponsors.

NJFP Application Procedure For Fellows

  • Proceed to the NJFP application form portal. 
  • Fill the online form accurately.
  • Upload the scanned copy of the requested documents.
  • Submit and await notification if shortlisted.
  • The application deadline is not specified.

NJFP Programme For Organizations

The NJFP programme is open for organizations in three broad areas of possible engagement including employers in the private and public sector, although the aforementioned areas are not mutually exclusive as organizations are invited to engage as partners in more than one area.

Advantages For An Organization To Join NJFP

Cost Savings

No advertising costs, HR agencies, lengthy triple-round interview process, or salary costs. The NJFP has you covered.

Increased Productivity

Access to a variety of highly qualified candidates with cutting-edge skills relevant to your organization that will help to increase your team’s productivity.

Improved Brand Image

To boost corporate social responsibility work and by showing commitment to give back to the community engagement in the programme will contribute to a positive brand image for the participating organization.

Expanded Network

The participating organizations will be part of the NJFP network of national and regional private and public sector entities as well as gain access to an expanded pool of experienced, employable young Nigerian expertise to draw from.

Increased Policy Influence

Involved organizations will have access to the national platform for deliberative public policy reform discussions on education, employment and relevant industry policy issues.

NJFP Application Procedure For Organizations

Expression Of Interest

Interested organizations call for the expression of interest to participate in the programme.

Employer Needs Assessment

Assessment of capacity and skill demand of interested host organizations.

Matching With Fellows

Matching, shortlisting and recruitment of fellows to job opportunities in the host organizations.

Fellows Onboarding

Tailor-made curriculum and support for high-quality onboarding of fellows in the host organizations.

Fellows Deployment

Placement of fellows in host organizations including on and off the job, skills development, coaching and e-learning opportunities.

Fellows Offboarding

Support with job search, entrepreneurship possibilities or retainment of fellows in the host organization.

More information can become at www.njfp.ng

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