NTA College Jos Bachelor In Television Journalism Courses List

nta college jos bachelor

NTA College Jos Bachelor In Mass Communication (Television Journalism) Courses List

This article will list down the NTA College Jos Bachelor in Mass Communication (Television Journalism) courses ranging from 100 level to 400 level.

Without much story let’s list down NTA College Jos Bachelor In Television Journalism Courses.


NTA College Jos Available Programmes And Entry Requirements

NTA College Jos Bachelor In Television Journalism Courses

100 Level Course List

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit HourSemester
English & Communication SkillsGENS1032First
History of Nigerian Mass MediaTVJS1031First
African Communication SystemTVJS1092First
Writing for the Mass MediaTVJS1112First
African Communication SystemTVJS1092First
Word ProcessingTVJS1152First
African Communication SystemTVJS1092First
Introduction to RadioTVJS1172First
Introduction to SoundPDTS1012First
Fundamentals of Television ProductionPDTS1032First
Introduction to LightingPDTS1052First
English & Communication SkillsGENS1032First
Environmental HealthGENS1021Second
History and Philosophy of ScienceGENS1041Second
Introduction to Mass CommunicationTVJS1022Second
Introduction to SociologyTVJS1042Second
Introduction to News Writing & ReportingTVJS1062Second
Editing Techniques IPDTS1022Second
Elements of PhotographyPDTS1042Second
Principles of CostumesPDTS1062Second
Basic Script Writing for TelevisionPDTS1082Second
Set Design & ConstructionPDTS1102Second
Basic Script Writing for TelevisionPDTS1082Second

200 Level Course List

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit HourSemester
Introduction to BroadcastingPDTS2012First
Television Production WorkshopPDTS2052First
Introduction to Film, Cinema & LiteraturePDTS2112First
Theories of Mass Communication ITVJS2032First
News Writing: Principles & Practice ITVJS2052First
Principles of Public RelationsTVJS2072First
Fundamentals of ResearchTVJS2092First
Commentary Writing and News CommentaryTVJS2112First
Specialized ReportingTVJS2132First
Moral PhilosophyGENS2011First
Editing Techniques IIPDTS2032First
Fundamentals of Television LightingPDTS2071First
Theories of Mass Communication IITVJS2042Second
English for BroadcastingTVJS2102Second
Introduction to AdvertisingTVJS2141Second
Social PsychologyTVJS2161Second
Feature WritingTVJS2182Second
Editorial WritingTVJS2202Second
Critical & Review WritingTVJS2222Second
Principles of BroadcastingTVJS2242Second
Entrepreneurship & InnovationGENS2022Second
Entrepreneurship & InnovationGENS2022Second
Intro to Television ProgrammingPDTS2022Second
Fundamentals of PublishingPDTS2062Second

300 Level Course List

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit HourSemester
News Reporting: Principles and PracticeTVJS3012First
Media LawTVJS3032First
Communication Research: Concepts & DesignTVJS3052First
Communication for DevelopmentTVJS3072First
Television News PresentationTVJS3092First
Camera Operations & Studio Management IPDTS3052First
Television Theory & AestheticsPDTS3171First
Television Scripting for the ScreenPDTS3072First
Sound Production: Principles & PracticePDTS3092First
Marketing PrinciplesPDTS3111First
News Programming (Current Affairs)TVJS3042Second
Investigative JournalismTVJS3082Second
Foreign CorrespondenceTVJS3142Second
Science & Technology ReportingTVJS3162Second
Issues in Nigerian Mass Communication/
Media History
Communication/Television & SocietyPDTS3022Second
Workshop in Photography & Videography IPDTS3102Second
Advertising Campaign ManagementPDTS3122Second
Non-Linear Editing & Animation IPDTS3082Second
Business Creation & GrowthGENS3022Second

400 Level Course List

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit HourSemester
Special Project: Critiquing
Television News Network
International CommunicationTVJS4052First
Industrial AttachmentTVJS4072First
Communication Research: Data AnalysisTVJS4092First
Online Journalism ITVJS4111First
Media EthicsTVJS4132First
News Production WorkshopTVJS4152First
Economic & Social Issues in Advertising & P.R.PDTS4012First
Educational BroadcastingPDTS4052First
Issues in BroadcastingPDTS4072First
The Artiste, Script and the DirectorPDTS4032First
Online Journalism IITVJS4022Second
Television News ManagementTVJS4062Second
Journalistic InterviewingTVJS4082Second
Conflict ReportingTVJS4102Second
Organization & Management of
Advertising & P.R. Agencies
Rural BroadcastingTVJS4182Second
Research ProjectPDTS4126Second
Media ManagementPDTS4061Second
Development CommunicationPDTS4062Second
Admission Requirements For NTA College Jos Bachelor In Mass Communication (Television Journalism)

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