NTA College Short Proficiency Courses Program List 2020

NTA college short proficiency

NTA College Short Proficiency Courses Program List 2020

Below is the 2020 program list for the NTA College Short Proficiency Courses of which duration ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks. You can view the NTA College Short Proficiency Courses entry requirements here.


NTA College Short Proficiency Courses Program List

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S/N Program From To Duration
1 Sports Coverage
And Reporting Skills In The
Mass Media
17th February 28th February 2 Weeks
2 Record
17th February 13th March 4 Weeks
3 Intermediate Online
News Reporting Skills
2nd March 13th March 2 Weeks
4 Studio Lighting:
Indoor And Outdoor
2nd March 6th March 1 Week
5 Modern Trends In
Broadcast Media
16th March 9th April 4 Weeks
6 Basic Broadcast
Accounting And
Auditing 2
20th April 30th April 2 Weeks
7 Audio Engineering
Operations And
20th April 24th April 1 Week
8 Protocol, Event
Management And
Public Relation
4th May 15th May 2 Weeks
9 Intermediate Camera
11th May 5th June 4 Weeks
10 Electrical Power,
Earthing, Lighting Ups,
Inverter And Solar
1st June 5th June 1 Week
11 Studio Broadcast
Equipment And O.B
15th June 19th June 1 Week
12 English Grammar And
Pronunciation For
29th June 24th July 4 Weeks
13 Basic Directing
4th August 28th August 4 Weeks
14 New Technologies,
Optical Fibre,
IP Technologies,
Automation Storage
Wireless Technology
10th August 14th August 1 Week
15 Transmitter Operation And
24th August 28th August 1 Week
16 Advanced Broadcast
Accounting And
Auditing 1
1st September 25th September 4 Weeks
17 Emotional
Intelligence For
Broadcast Media
7th September 18th September 2 weeks
18 Leadership And
Management Skills
For Engineers
21st September 25th September 1 Week
19 Archival
Management System
In The Broadcast
5th October 27th October 4 Weeks
20 Digital Satellite,
Microwave And Rf
12th October 16th October 1 Week
21 Photojournalism/
2nd November 27th November 4 Weeks

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