Problem When Resetting Password In NASIMS Website? Or Something Went Wrong Error? See How To Fix All

problem when resetting password

Problem When Resetting Password In NASIMS Website? Or Something Went Wrong Error? Learn How to Fix All

Are you having a problem when resetting your password on NASIMS website or encountering the ‘Something Went Wrong Please Try Again’ error message,

are you receiving the ‘BVN Information Did Not Match’ error?

Are you unable to use the ‘Submit’ button after updating your details?

Or are you unable to log in with your NASIMS ID to take the Npower test?

Worry no more because you have arrived at the right place where you will learn how to fix all error messages and problems preventing you from resetting password, validating BVN/ Profile, updating details, logging in with your NASIMS ID and password to write your test.

You will also get all the information you needed to have about the Npower Test and how to write it.

Without much ado, let me start by treating all errors and problems one by one, starting from the first problem and error messages likely to be encountered in Npower NASIMS website.


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How To Fix Errors And Problems Encountered When Resetting Password

The problems to encounter in this stage are as follows with solutions:

Password Resetting Link Not Received

  • Ensure that email address inserted is the same email address used while applying in the previous Npower website.
  • Endeavor to check for the link in Spam folder of your Gmail or junk folder for those that using outlook email.
  • Give it some time, say 24 hours, it might be that the server is busy and not yet time to process your request due to high traffic of many others requesting for  same process.

Something Went Wrong Please Try Again (Error Message)

This is usually encountered while trying to create a new password and the error is from the server-side of the NASIMS website whenever a request is many/ high traffic on the site, below are the solutions.

  • Ensure your internet connection is very strong, preferably, use 4G connections.
  • If you create a new password, proceed to try log in with the new password, and if you receive ‘Incorrect Password’ kindly try using the password resetting link again to create a new password until you are be able to log into your dashboard.
  • Endeavor to keep on trying with one password in order not to mix things up.
  • Try many times.
  • Try in the time that there is usually low traffic, often in the midnight hours when others users of the website must have slept off.

BVN Information Did Not Match (Error Message) After Resetting Password

While trying to Validate your BVN/Profile you may encounter this error message and below is what you should do to overcome it.

  • Ensure that your first name and last name used; matches exactly the one used in your BVN.
  • Ensure that your date of birth matches the one used in your BVN exactly.
  • Add country code to your phone number, eg, 080123456789 should be 23480123456789

Submit Button Refused To Click After Updating Your Details

  • Make sure that all details are included and documents uploaded.
  • Upload your passport photograph.
  • Ensure none of the uploaded files/documents exceeded 200kb.

Don’t Know What Is NASIMS ID And Password To Login And Take Test?

  • Immediately after submitting the updated details your NASIMS ID will pop out, endeavor to screenshot it and copy it out.
  • Input the NASIMS ID and use your current password to log in to the test portal.

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