Soundcity, Televista, Trybe & Other More Channels Added To Intelsat 33e


Soundcity, Televista, Trybe & Other Interesting Channels Added To Intelsat 33E

Many more interesting FTA satellite TV channels have been added to Intelsat 33E, in this post, I am going to show you how to add or scan for these channels if you already have Intelsat 33E tracked in your decoder.

I am going to use strong decoder for examples on how to add or scan for these entertaining channels to the Intelsat 33E but before I proceed I believe it’s very important to list down the channels which many of us may already know some or even all.


The newly added channels are as follows:

  • Lagos TV
  • MiTv
  • Silver TV
  • Soundcity
  • Televista
  • Trybe TV
  • TVC
  • Wazobia TV


Lagos TV

As the name implies it is a Lagos state-owned television that specialized in dispersing the latest news and information as it happens in the state and beyond, the station is also known as Lagos Weekend Television.


This is a lifestyle channel that airs programs on culture and traditions, tourism, business, politics, etc.

Silver TV

Silver TV is an international movie channel which airs quality movies in world cinema standard.


This is a Nigerian lifestyle and music channel.


This channel features local drama, reality TV shows, news, and telenovelas.

Trybe TV

Trybe TV specializes in airing Nollywood movies.


This is an all-time news channel.

Wazobia TV

This is an indigenous channel that serves Nigerians with original content.

How To Add/Scan For Soundcity, Televista, Wazobia & Others To Intelsat 33E

TP: Intelsat 33E

Position: 60° East

Frequency: 3751

Polarization: H

Symbol Rate: 18315

To add these channels your already tracked Intelsat 33E (Strong decoder used), ensure you are on any Intelsat 33E channel.

  • Press MENU on the remote.
  • Select INSTALLATION and press OK.
  • Type 0000 as the password.
  • Select MANUAL SCAN.
  • Go to FREQUENCY and press any number on the remote control.
  • Choose NEW and key-in the above Frequency.
  • Move to SYMBOL RATE and input the above Symbol Rate.
  • Move To POLARIZATION and toggle between V and H and select anyone that changed the red signal bar to green.
  • Press OK on the remote and Lagos TV, MiTv, Silver TVSoundcity
  • , Televista, Trybe TV, TVC, and Wazobia TV shall be added.

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  1. Thanks for the above information. Really appreciate them. Just very new in the satellite installation program, and have no much knowledge in it. But with your post, is really been helping. Thanks

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