How to Stop Mtn and Glo from Deducting Your Credit Balance

mtn/ glo Credit Balance deduction

How to Stop MTN and GLO from Deducting Your Credit Balance

Are you fed up with the way your network providers are deducting your credit balance irrelevantly? Don’t worry I am going to teach you how to stop the likes of MTN and GLO from doing the aforementioned.

Though the two network providers are the best in different ways, for example, GLO has the cheapest internet data with its internet network improved as of 2017 while MTN has the best call rate.

But how annoying it is that moment you recharged your line to make a call and that silly auto voice replied, “your account balance is too low for this call” or “you have one minute remaining in your account balance”.

Behold your credit had been deducted uninformed! because of unsolicited advertisements and value-added services (VAS) which most times comes as a pop-up SMS showing boldly optimized ‘Accept/Yes/OK’ button with tiny ‘Reject/NO’ button, making the impatience users unknowingly accepting advertisements and VAS services cunningly broadcasted by the network providers,

But accolades to the NCC which fined some network providers and forced them to stop the illegal and cunningly extortions from their customers.

Though, most customers intentionally subscribe to the advertisements and value-added services due to curiosity but left out to not know how to unsubscribe from the services when heavy deductions start.

Follow the below guides to stop any MTN and GLO unsolicited SMS, calls, advertisements and value-added services (VAS) from deducting your credit balance.


How to Stop MTN from Deducting Your Credit Balance

  • First and foremost, you have to check which service is deducting your credit balance by dialing *123*5#
  • Input 1 and send to see the active service(s)
  • Enter the number of the particular active service you want to stop and send.
  • Input the ‘deactivate’ number and send, a deactivation confirmation SMS will be sent to you
  • Repeat these if you have lots of active services and want to deactivate them.

How to Stop GLO from Deducting Your Credit

  • Send STOP to 2442 to stop any unsolicited SMS, calls, advertisements and value-added services in your GLO line.

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