Track Media 7, Multi tv & Mbc Network With One Lnb – Other fta Updates

Media 7

Track Media 7, Multi tv & MBC Network With One LNB – Other FTA Updates

Praise TV is now available on Media 7, all you have to do is to blind scan your decoder to receive this channel.
You can as well follow below guidelines to track Media 7 alongside Multi tv and MBC Network with a single LNB and satellite dish.


How To Track Media 7, Multi tv and MBC Network With One LNB

To successfully combine the three aforementioned satellite TV providers channels in one LNB, you must first and foremost track Multi tv with Frequency: 12522, Polarization: V, Symbol rate: 30000, and try your best to hit the maximum Multi tv signal strength.

Now input the Media7 Frequency: 10970, Polarization: V, Symbol Rate: 27500, and lift the satellite dish a bit upward and you will hit Media 7 signal, depending on your signal strength you will also receive MBC Network alongside the Media 7 channels.

After scanning, exit the menu and all the three satellite TV providers channels will be available to enjoy.

Other FTA Updates – ETV Sports Now Free With Below TP

With ETV Sports channel you can watch Athletics, EPL, International Games, UEFA CL, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Nations League.

ETV Sports can be received using Frequency: 3705, Polarization: V, Symbol Rate: 15625, Dish Size: 180cm/ 1.8m, Direction: 57° E, C-Band.

Other channels such as ETV Ent, ETV News, ETV South, ETV East, HOP Representative, ETV Languages, and Alrayat Alsud are receivable with the above TP.

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