TSTV Africa Sassy Decoder Price and How to get one, Channels Listed


TSTV Africa Sassy Decoder Price and How to get one, Channels Listed

TSTV Africa took to its Twitter handle yesterday to announce the launch of its new Sassy decoder which is promised to come with a lot of mouth-watering features that you can’t believe.

The decoders are set to sell at only 3500 Naira, it allows the users to watch arrays of interesting 70+ channels though TSTV Dexterity decoders has more channels than Sassy decoder, Dexterity decoders come with free 20 GB for internet connection and it is an internet-enabled device which means you can browse with the decoder, it comes with more than 200 channels but its release date has not been announced.

TSTV Sassy decoder is not an internet-enabled device so don’t expect the free 20 GB data, maybe TSTV Africa want to start with the inexpensive decoder so that every family can afford to watch enjoy its channel before they launch the Dexterity decoders which I believe will be more expensive because of the hardware capacity and the great features that will come along with it.


Let’s look into the features of the TSTV Africa Sassy Decoders

  • The Sassy decoder will allow the users to watch 70+ channels.
  • It will be sold for 3500 Naira which includes the remote and the satellite dish.
  • You can hold (pause) your subscription on the decoder but not more than 7 days.
  • You can subscribe on a daily basis at the cost of just 200 Naira, 3 days subscription cuts 500 Naira while Weekly subscription costs 750 Naira.
  • Holding the subscription is allowed only on the monthly subscriptions.
  • You can record videos with the Sassy decoder to play them later with PVR Function on the decoder.
  • You can subscribe to the TSTV decoder through the QUICKTELLER platform so you don’t need to stress yourself queuing in the bank just to pay 200 Naira or looking for accredited centers to buy the subscription card, you can do that from the comfort of your couch.

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