What Should A Web Page Contain?


What Should A Web Page Contain?

To develop a website you have to take into account a lot of details, but of all these certain characteristics are fundamental and are common elements among the most successful websites, here we provide a 10-point guide that every professional website must have.

Quality Content

Content is the most important resource of a website, more than design, graphics or any other element. Our content must be current, relevant and easily accessible to our users, we must not only focus on directly selling our products or services but also provide our users with useful content.

Let’s use the “inverted pyramid” style: the conclusions and the most important are presented first, followed by the details and other relevant information. Let’s go from the more specific to the more general. The idea is that the user finds in the first paragraph the essential information of what he is looking for.

Quality and frequently updated content is the key for new users or potential customers to reach our website through organic positioning in the main search engines.


Eye-Catching Headers

Headers are essential not only for SEO optimization but also because they allow users to understand our content easily and quickly. Headers must be eye-catching to invite the user to browse our website.

Starting the header or title with powerful keywords, for example: “how”, “why”, “easy”, “fast”, “special offer”, and “last chance”, among others, will allow us to attract the attention of visitors to our website.

Links Social Networks

Social Networks and their integration with our website are fundamental to the success of our website. Directing traffic from social networks to our website and allowing users to share our web content through links to Social Networks is essential in a good Digital Marketing strategy, increasing the trust of our users.

It is a very effective way to increase traffic between our website and the social networks of our business.


A blog is a fundamental tool that every website must have. In the section of our corporate blog, we must treat articles related to our business or industry. In these entries or articles, we can talk about the most relevant news of our business, such as new releases, innovations, tutorials, and regulations, among others.

The blog of our website is an essential tool in the organic SEO positioning of our project. It is important that each article on our blog offers quality content creation and value to our users, this will allow us to strengthen branding and position our brand as an expert and benchmark in the sector in which we find ourselves.

Friendly Interface

Our website must have a friendly interface for our users, allowing visitors to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly in the shortest possible time and with the fewest clicks to reach the searched content.

The interface of our web page is the functional basis of our website. When developing a website, we will have to ask ourselves the following questions: Who is going to visit our website? What is our target market? Are our users’ specialized clients? Or is our portal aimed at users in general?

This is useful to segment our potential users and take this into account when developing our website and its content. Let’s think about our users, and what they are looking for or want to find on our website, and on this basis, we must develop a friendly interface to provide them with that information on our website.

Easy and Intuitive Navigation

Our website must allow users to easily and intuitively navigate (accessibility and usability) through our website. This navigation must be organized and clear. To achieve this goal, our main menu is one of the main tools to achieve this goal.

This menu must be located at the top and must be visible from the beginning and in all areas or categories of our website. Additionally, in the header or header of our website, we must include the logo of our company, and this must link to the beginning or home of our web page.

We must ensure that our main menu is consistent and coherent with the content of our website and that it provides the user with an essential tool for easy and simple navigation.

Additionally, we can include in the footer or footer, additional links for our website that are not found in our main menu but that are essential for our website such as terms and conditions, privacy policies, etc. A good development of the navigation structure of our website provides us with a solid tool to make our website easy to access and highly usable.

Good Graphic Design

The graphic or visual design of a web page must be pleasant, clean, functional and up-to-date. Remember that users scan our website in a short time, and if it is not visually pleasing, your visit will be very fast and we will have lost a potential user of our website.

A clean and simple design is usually all that is needed. The theory “less is more” is especially valid for Internet users. The first impression is essential. And although a good design by itself is not enough to keep a user on our website, it is key to getting their attention long enough to review our content.

Optimized Web Images

When developing and designing our website, it is important to save all of our images in a web-friendly format that allows us to maintain the quality of the images but is light enough to be loaded quickly by our users, which will allow us to make our website fast and agile for our clients, let’s remember that Internet users search for a large amount of content in the shortest possible time.

We can use online tools to optimize our images such as Compressor and GeoImgr, the latter will allow us to add keywords to our pictures and georeferencing.

Company and Contact Information

Information about us and contact are essential to capture potential customers. If a user is interested in our products or services, they will probably look for information about our company to learn a little more about our history and who we are.

The Contact information on our website is essential so that our potential and current customers can easily contact us through the different communication channels that we have available. It is recommended that our website offer more than one method of contact. At least one email address, telephone number, address, contact form, a chat plugin (WhatsApp), and links to our social networks.

Statistics Monitoring and Analysis

The statistics, although they are not normally public to our users, are a fundamental tool for the administration of our website. These statistics include relevant information such as:

  • hits received
  • Number of unique visitors
  • How users reach our website
  • What search terms do users use to find our website
  • Which websites link to us
  • What are the most popular pages of our website
  • The average number of visitors (platform/browser/screen resolution)
  • The geographic location of our visitors

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