Xoxolife Global Ltd Registration/ Login Guideline And Compensation Plan

Xoxolife Global Ltd Registration

Xoxolife Global Ltd Registration/ Login Guideline And Compensation Plan

This page contains Xoxolife Global Ltd Registration/ Login guidelines for interested individuals who wish to be landlords or car owners in the next 6months as well as have food and shelter guaranteed.

Before we proceed, it is worthy to note that Xoxolife Global Ltd is a product based company that offers basic needs fulfilment to its participating members including Food, Shelter as well as other daily products needed by mankind for up to point of self-actualization.

Join the fastest Xoxolife global Ltd group here let’s smile to the bank together, let’s have enough food on our tables, let’s become landlords.



Xoxolife Global Ltd Products


  1. Food Security: Food items manufactured by various companies are distributed to individuals through Xoxolife food basket initiatives.
  2. Real Estate: Members, as well as customers, are ensured shelters as Xoxolife Nigeria activities involve buying and selling of landed properties and estates globally.
  3. Household and Home Appliances: Furniture, as well as furnishings, are provided to members to complement their homes.
  4. Online Mall: Xoxolife members are provided with access to an online mall that showcases numerous items and services needed.
  5. Financial empowerment.
  6. Skill and trade acquisition with certificates.

The matrix bonus will be 80% cash bonus and 20% food baskets which are as follows:

Cash Bonus Available For Xoxolife Global Ltd Registered Members

Participating members will receive cash benefits as listed below whenever they reach the various stage:

  •  Stage 1: ₦1,200.      BRONZE
  •  Stage 2: ₦11,200.    SILVER
  •  Stage 3: ₦56,000.      GOLD
  •  Stage 4: ₦308,000.    TOPAZ
  •  Stage 5: ₦1,680,000.  DIAMOND
  •  Stage 6: ₦4,480,000.    PEARL
  •  Stage 7: ₦22,400,000. PLANTINIUM
  •  Stage 8: ₦112,000,000. AMBASSADOR
  • Total = ₦140,936,400

Non-Cash Bonus Available For Xoxolife Nigeria Registered Members

Participating members not only accumulating cash bonuses as stated above but will as also receive non-cash bonuses as they rise to numerous stages as listed below:

  • STAGE 1: ₦300 Food Basket
  • STAGE 2: ₦2,800 Food Basket
  • STAGE 3: ₦14,000 Food Basket
  • STAGE 4: Food Voucher #77,000 + Phone #50,000
  • STAGE 5: Food Voucher ₦125,000 + Phone/Laptop Worth ₦500,000 + Food Basket ₦350,000
  • STAGE 6: Food  Voucher ₦200,000 + SUV Worth ₦7,000,000 + Food Basket ₦1,120,000
  • STAGE 7: Food Voucher N300,000 + Travel & Tour Worth ₦4,000,000 + Food Basket ₦5,600,000
  • STAGE 8: Food Voucher ₦400,000 , House worth ₦150,000,000 / Range Rover Worth ₦70,000,000 + Food Basket ₦28,000,000

How To Register  And Join Xoxolife Global Ltd

Join the Whatsapp group of fast-growing Xoxolife team here to learn more before joining as the above benefits are achievable when with the right team.

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