What is xResolver? Top alternatives


What is xResolver? Top alternatives

xResolver is simply an online repository that stores the IP addresses of online players. xResolver keeps these IP addresses from player usernames. 

The X in the title of the online repository indicates the Console. However, it is effective in dealing with different gaming consoles. Consequently, it is sometimes also referred to as PlayStation Resolver and Console.


Let’s realize extensively about xResolver.

What is xResolver?

It can be referred to as a storage company that records the game tags and IP addresses of online gambling on Consoles, PlayStation, and PC. In theory, an IP address is a piece of data that is freely accessible and that makes the exercise legal.

Since the company’s statements are appropriate, it can be a very critical issue for many who enjoy online activities a lot. Imagine you’re having a good time and end up annoying a competitor from the opposite team. If this participant manages to cough up standard information, they could figure out your IP address from a course like xResolver or Console Resolver and issue your entire system to DDoS attacks.

Participants can spend a price to own their IP address obtained from the log. But it’s an unpleasant treatment for a challenge that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and many consumers may feel like they’re being held for ransom. Microsoft understands this.

In 2020, console maker Ridmann statement said the business was attempting to harm the security of Console Celebration Talk by phasing out P2P style associations to create it server-based. This means that other participants you’re having fun with won’t be able to help you run IPs. Events triggered by mobile phones already rely on hosts.

What does xResolver do?

As mentioned, it is responsible for maintaining freely accessible information about IP addresses and their association with player tags. Somehow, this kind of data or information can be obtained publicly. This means in theory; it might not be illegal to publicly share it on a website that everyone can access.

But the thing is, anyone who wants to match your IP address with your account may not need the best of intentions. Chances are this is a hacker thinking about your PS4, PC, or console account and associated IP address.

xResolver enables you to enter your data into the people involved. This personal data links your physical system relationship together with your identification on the web. And when they use your personal information, they could target you in many ways. This could include distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

Features of xResolver

xResolver includes a large number of interesting functions. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Geo Site Recognition

xResolver enables you to identify the geographical location of the opponent. IP lookup company enables you to achieve this. This is one of the main pieces of information about the player’s IP address. And so this function becomes the absolute most interesting.

IP logger

With xResolver, you can create personalized connections. You can find out their IP addresses by giving these hyperlinks to people. These personalized hyperlinks help retrieve data associated with the visitor and the location. IP logger gives performance to xResolver and helps to find incognito status.

Equally Gamertag Resolver and PSN username

xResolver includes a good pair of features and performance for Console along with PlayStation users. The pair of methods it provides simplifies obtaining information associated with IP addresses. To discover game tags and usernames, you don’t need to consider bots on the internet. Artificial intelligence so that it features makes points much simpler and more convenient.

User-friendly program and work

The means of operation of xResolver are very simple. You can identify your opponent’s IP address in just a few minutes. Getting your Gamertag can be quite simple.

Blacklist specific IP addresses

Blacklisting is one of several important features that you can purchase independently with xResolver. This feature enables you to mask your individual information and the IP address from your opponents. Apart from their expertise, they cannot discover your data at all.

Today let’s explore some xResolver alternatives.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

Lanc Remastered PCPS is just a free PSN/Xbox resolver along with a Gamertag IP puller. It sniffs and extracts IP addresses from PSN and Console gaming sessions. Also, it can help you to simply manipulate the Game tag of your competitors on IP addresses.

It is a completely free solver that can be set up easily and conveniently. Lance Remastered PCPS is suitable for console, PC, PlayStation, and any PC game you play. It is available as software that can be installed on your computer. Their repository could be seen online. It is one of the best solutions in xResolver.


OctoSniff is an IP detector that enables you to improve your gambling connection. It includes a large pair of interesting features such as simple instalments, many guides, and 24/7 support. Their user-friendly software allows you to figure out for yourself how to get into it. This solver is 100% malware free.

OctoSniff enables you to identify packets instantly. You can identify which boxes will be the IPs of the sports hosts and which are via Console chats. This is the only instrument that provides PS4 Username AI functionality. This function enables you to identify the association of boxes using their specific owners.

Xbox Booter

Console Booter presents the best IP grabber, IP booter, and IP extractor tool for participants using Console.

Their IP Booter includes solid layer 4 and layer 7 that shows episodes and participants offline. IP extractor allows you to sniff and get IP from the Console. IP grabber so it works enables you to obtain IP addresses through a system monitoring or logging application.

Console Sniffer

System Sniffer is simply a system study and monitoring tool that works for consoles. It enables you to start seeing the IP address and username of the people you are competing with within the game. This does not require any jailbreak. It works around the wireless or direct connection.

System Sniffer includes easy installation and requires no cables. It is suitable with a VPN. When you buy it, you can get it and start using it right away. Except for gambling units, it only works on Windows-based computers.

Mental Coding

Psycho Coding can be the research repository of console residence information that also presents LANC, PCPS, and other Console tools.

Apart from allowing you to discover information about the console player, it additionally presents VPN hosts for 7 different locations. These places include Europe, France, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, Indonesia, and Egelhof.


Cakes provide a XUID grabber console that enables you to obtain the XUID using your opponent’s Gamertag. This resolver does not retain XUIDs or game tags.

With this particular one, you just need to enter the gamer’s Gamertag. Select the structure from the 2 options which are Hexadecimal and Decimal. And as you pass the Handle key, it will generate the XUID that is associated with the Gamertag.


So, there are a few solutions for xResolver that you can try. However, it is important to search first carefully following their security rating before use. Measures may allow you to move away from the deepest part of these solutions.

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