GLO Oga SIM Data Bonus – Get 3.5gb @ #1000, 12.5gb @ #2500

GLO Oga SIM Data

Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus – Get 3.5gb @ #1000, 12.5gb @ #2500

GLO Nigeria, the giant data network has launched a new data bonus titled Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus which allows its users to enjoy 125% of any data package purchased.

This means whenever a user purchases 1000 naira worth of data, instead of getting the usual 1.8gb + 200mb bonus the user will get a whopping 3.5gb data, users also get 13gb data for just 2500 naira instead of the 7.2gb total.

The Bonus is not just on the aforementioned, it goes for all bundle packages purchased on the Oga SIM.

Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus is meant to be ON for four months or more but it’s quite unfortunate that it won’t work for all the current GLO customers though everyone/customers can be eligible if the below guide is followed.

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How to Get the GLO Data Bonus

Being eligible to ENJOY Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus is quite easy, cheap and simple, all you have to do is to visit any Gloworld and purchase a 4G SIM or rather swap your current 3G/old GLO SIM to 4G SIM, register and activate the SIM, purchase any data package and enjoy the bonus for the next four months or more.

P.S GLO 4G SIM can be used in any device for internet connection and call; be it 2G or 3G enabled devices, the only difference is that the 4G data speed can’t be accessed.

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